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1 area of application

These Terms and Conditions are components of all contracts with the BGP-Art. All produced and booked achievements are defeated by these clauses of a contract. The BGP-Art offers to customers on this web page different services to the area Hosting of Internet, homepage and graphics.

2 choices of the products

With a homepage it concerns an electronic publication of several sides with text, photos and graphics on the Internet. The contents the business homepage refer to offers, products or services which are expelled by you.

Graphics arts are a graphic representation generated by BGP-Art in which the BGP-Art has the full copyright.

After establishment of contact and purification of the achievement extent the customer receives a written offer from BGP-Art. The extent(circumference) and the price of our achievement(performance) is defined by the written order given by you on the basis of our offer.


3 completion of the contract

A contract with that comes about by the acceptance of the offer by the customer, the customer order as well as a confirmation of order by us to the customer. Detailed orders and missions are worked on by the BGP-Art within a before agreed period.

After establishment of contact and purification of the achievement extent the customer receives a written offer from BGP-Art. The extent and the price of our achievement is defined by the written order given by you on the basis of our offer.

4 payment terms

The payment of the total sum for the order occurs if nothing else was agreed in writing, as follows: Thirty percent of the amount payable with placing of order and seventy percent of the amount payable with completion of the order. Later amendments are completely paid after execution. The invoice amount is due in each case immediately. Is valid for customer beyond the FRG, payment by precash.

An hourly wage of 55 euro of (1), provided that it concerns commissioned works or additional works which do not belong to the respectively booked service.All agreements need basically the written form and must be confirmed by BGP-Art.

5 data protections

Transfer of date to third parties is executed.

6 special incidents

BGP-Art is released on the part of the customer from all obligations, provided that important reasons are given. These are able as a Bsp. Illness or higher power mean. Of course all open orders are finished after such incidents to the before agreed conditions. Merely the completion appointment moves in such cases.

7 obligations of the customer

The customer releases BGP-Art of any claims of third parties. Further BGP-Art has to be allowed to publish the right, before published web pages, graphics and texts on the sides of the BGP-Art under "references" to the visitors of this side.

8 copyrights

The legal copyright of the contractor in its works is inalienable. The contractor is entitled to the fixing of its company text including the matching Corporate design on every and explained object designed by it in adequate size.

9 cooperation partners

The contractor is entitled to let carry out the order by competent, unindependent employed employees or commercial / freelance cooperation partners (all or part).

10 conditions to the use with Hosting

A condition to the use of the homepage by you, is the regular settlement of the originating Domain fees, the Host Providing fees and if changes are ordered, these calculations.

11 contract duration and notice of the Hosting

The arrangement runs for unlimited time and begins with the day of the order position. The contract can be discontinued by the customer to a month before agreed 12 months in written form. Otherwise the contract is extended tacitly. The payment is always due to whole 12 months and is charged at the beginning. With notices a reimbursement of the amount per rata temporis is not possible. BGP-Art can discontinue the contract any time without notice in writing if the customer does not keep to his obligation according to figure(digit) 10 these arrangements. Compensation claims of BGP-Art remain untouched of it.

12 guarantees

The parties to a contract agree in the fact that the Internet belongs neither to somebody, nor is controlled by somebody. Therefore, we can take over no guarantee for the fact that every Internet user has any time access to the homepage.

12.2 quality

For the homepage we ensure to you the contract-appropriate use according to the descriptions handed over to you. This is valid in particular for assured qualities In the case of considerable divergences of the achievement description we are entitled to the finishing touches within an adequate term and are obliged. They have to make available to us useful documents about kind and appearance of such divergences. The guarantee duty does not apply to such defects which are caused by deviationism of the intended application terms. The obligation for the finishing touches ends with an expiry of 1 month after the arrangement beginning.

12.3 xxx

If we do not succeed within an adequate term in removing the considerable divergences of the achievement description by finishing touches or in handling in such a way that a contract-appropriate use of the homepage is allowed to you, you can require an adequate decrease of the purchase price.

12.4 third parties

BGP-Art does not stick for the lasting storage of the before published entries with third suppliers. If had to go a list or Social-Bookmarks for which respective web catalogue suppliers go off-line, BGP-Art is not obliged to substitute for the entries lost thereby or to refund effected payments. BGP-Art does not stick for extinguished links, articles or other further entries.

13 restrictions of liability

The customer expressly agrees that he uses the homepage on own risk. Neither we ourselves guarantee nor our partners or other with the homepage in connection(union) standing people or companies that the server is not interrupted or is perfect. We give neither guarantees to the results which are reached(achieved) by the use of the homepage, nor about the correctness, usability or the contents of some(any) information which is spread by the homepage.

13.2 non availibility of the homepage

Under no circumstances, also not with carelessness we stick our employees or other with the homepage in connection standing people or companies, for some direct or indirect damages (incl. the secondary damages) which originate in connection with the use or non-availability of the homepage.

13.3 economic damages

We do not guarantee for lacking economic success, indirect and immediate damages and secondary damages from claims of third(third parties).

13.4 liability

Every party to a contract sticks for from her(their) damages to be represented all together only by height of the respective order fee. These restrictions of liability are not valid for damages which are based on intention as well as personal damages and damages by injury of copyrights of third(third parties).

14 legitimate uses

They may use the homepage exclusively only within the scope of the valid laws. The transmission of the material which violates any law is prohibited. This contains expressly, but not exclusively, copyright infringements, copyright injuries, pornography or trade mark abuse. The principal is responsible for the contents of the homepage himself.

15 ineffective contract regulations

Should a contract regulation or a regulation be ineffective in the general terms of business all or part or become, the validity(legal force) of the contract or the general terms of business is not touched, for the rest. To the place of the ineffective condition such which comes to the purpose of this regulation in juridically effective manner most near steps. This is valid accordingly for the case that a regulation gap exists.

16 miscellaneous

The customer confirms that he is at least 18 years old. With persons under age the signature of an education beneficiary is necessary.


It is worth the law of the country in itself our company headquarters considers, to the exclusion of the UN-purchase right, even if from abroad is ordered or is delivered in the foreign countries. If the customer has his(its) residence or usual stay abroad, the place of our company headquarters is a legal venue for all claims in the connection of the order or service. We are entitled to complain also in your general legal venue.


The law to the compensation or decrease is entitled to the customer only if his(its) counterclaims were ascertained legally or we have recognised(accepted) this in writing. The customer is only authorised to the retention, as far as the claims is based on the same contractual relationship.



State: 4/1/2013


(1) Because BGP-Art falls under the small enterpriser's regulation, none is expelled(deported) with our prices Added value-expensive.


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